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26 September 2020 - Owning a website

Anyone with half a brain shouldn't like the way the Internet is at the moment. Dry, corporate, bloated, ugly, and politically sterile. Complaining about this usually yields a response along the lines of "well, that's just the way she goes". But that's false - you can escape the clutches of big tech incredibly easily - by starting your own website. Not a pre-made site from some company, but your own. Here are some resources to help you go that.


Tips for running a website are available on this server's wiki and its main website. As for how I did it, I found Luke Smith's tutorials to be helpful, as well as just reading manuals. It's really not too hard.


As far as web servers go, the giants are Apache and Nginx. I use Apache. Nginx is getting more popular by the day, but I've never used it and don't have a reason to switch.

More details about software are available in the above resources. Just jump right in - you can get a webserver up in under an hour.

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