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27 September 2020 - My blog script, five months later

From releasing it in late April to yesterday, my blog script hadn't changed at all. But last night I made some big changes to make the blog system infinitely better.

The new update allows users to view individual posts, and it makes posting easier. Before, one needed to add all kinds of tags inside the post to make it work, but that's automated now. Now the only work the user has to do is to name their post file correctly.

I've launched a demo blog that shows what the default install looks like; it can be found here.

When you install it, instructions can be found on the homepage. If you want to make your blog the root of your site (i.e., is a blog), put the folder's contents in your site's root directory. If you want it at, put the folder titled 'blog' in your site's root directory. Incredibly easy!

If you want a blog like this one, check out my blog script here!

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