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23 June 2021 - Some notes on how I run this site

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I recently did a lot of maintanence to the site, in order to make it easier to maintain. It had been quite a nightmare, because I'd just been copying and pasting a template HTML file to create pages, and anytime I wanted to change something on every page, like the copyright footer, I would have to do it manually for each page, or use sed (but I'm not very good with it and have messed pages up with it in the past. But that's my own issue).

The new way I do it is much better and makes much more sense. I created separate PHP files for the header, menu, and footer, wich use a PHP variable for the current page title. When I make a new page, I simply set the titlevariable to whatever I want it to be, then use the PHP include() command to include the header, menu, and footer files. This way the only part of the page I need to write is the content.

Not only does this make creating pages easier, but if I decide to change the layout of the menu, or how I format the title bar, I only have to edit one file and it will apply the change to every page on this site.

20 June 2021 - Site updates and maintenance

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I've been doing some maintenance to the site, and have made it easier to maintain by adding dynamic PHP headers and footers to each page. I've also gone through each page and cleaned up the indentation and any tags that were missing, and I plan to also organize the image folder. All of this it to make this site as painless to maintain as possible.

I've also added a new page dedicated to boardgames!

The only thing I feel is missing is a way to automatically update the RSS feed with new blog posts.

20 May 2021 - Gopher and Gemini

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Here's an article that I wrote about Gopher, Gemini, and the 'small Web'. Check it out!

19 May 2021 - Script updates

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I've updated the blog script so that it displays the link between the title and the body of posts. It splits the post files into arrays, with the first index being the line with the title and the rest being body paragraphs. It echos out the first index, echos the link, then echos all subsequent lines in the file.

24 April 2021 - Blog updates

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I've restructured the directory layout of this blog to reduce clutter, and I've sorted the posts by year. You can browse different years with the list up top. I've also changed the permalinks in the RSS feed, and now they really can stay as they are permanently.

29 March 2021 - In support of Richard Stallman

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I support Richard Stallman's return to the FSF board of directors. His contributions are innumerable, as are the dangers of cancel 'culture'. We owe so much, from the software we use to the license it's published under, to Dr. Stallman. If one doesn't agree with something he says, then that individual is free to ignore him and/or fork any software associated with him. I urge everyone to sign this letter in his support.

20 January 2021 - Updates

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I redid the site to make it look simpler and lighter, and I plan to add more content related to 3D printing, robotics, and other topics. My printer (MP Select Mini) has been out of order for over a month because one of the bowden tube connectors shattered, but I ordered a new one from GigDigit in the U.S. and it just got here today.

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