About Me

Updated June 2024

I'm from beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. I'm currently in my final year of a B.Sc. in computer science with a minor in math at Mount Allison University, where I also work as a teaching assistant and a research assistant.

I like to program. I'm on my university's competitive programming team. The languages I use most are C, Java, and Python. I also know Racket (Lisp), C++ and JavaScript, as well as the BASH shell. I've dabbled in Haskell and Fortran 95. The first language I ever learned was actually Lua when I was in late elementary school, but I haven't used it in years. I host my projects on GitHub.

My other interests include amateur radio, learning German (I also speak English and French), theatre tech, listening to all kinds of music, playing electric and acoustic guitar, playing boardgames, LAN parties, Old School RuneScape, collecting calculators, tinkering with electronics and 3D printers, touch typing (I know it's weird), visiting museums and art galleries, going for walks, long drives, reading, and baking.

I'm a member of various clubs, societies, and organizations. Off the top of my head, I'm a member of the International Society of Mad Scientists, the Association for Computing Machinery, Radio Amateurs of Canada, the Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club, International Repeater Group, ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, and the Anglican Church of Canada. I'm a lapsed member of the Free Software Foundation.

This website is dedicated to my diverse interests and projects. I've had a website in some form since 2016, originally using a dodgy Russian hosting provider, then moving to GitHub Pages before I started self-hosting on April 3rd, 2020. Since then, I've been hosting this website and a handful of other services on a Raspberry Pi. You can visit an archived copy of my site from 2017 here, written in atrocious HTML that I learned at school from a late-90s handout.

Thanks for visiting my site, and for taking the time to read this! Please contact me anytime.