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Welcome to my website. I'm an undergraduate computer science student and teaching/research assistant. This site is dedicated to my diverse interests and projects. It’s self-hosted from a Raspberry Pi, and it went live on 2020-04-03. Feel free to contact me.


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2024-06-03 Website Restructure
2024-03-02 MtA Hacks 2024: Git Talk
2023-10-01 Ham Radio Achievements
2023-09-17 1200 Days of German
2023-07-11 Ham Radio Logbook in React
2022-06-10 My Stereo System
2022-04-17 Colours as Vectors: Applying Matrices to Images
2022-01-31 3D Printer Mods
2021-06-26 Gopher, Gemini, and the Small Web
2020-12-16 Why Free Software?

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