Cool Lights in Berlin

Written circa 2020-04-29, pulled from the archives and edited 2024-06-11

Lights are cool. What's cooler are massive lights set up in public for people to see! These are some cool lights that you can see in Berlin.

If you know of any similar displays of light in your city, let me know by contacting me!

The Mengenlehreuhr (Set Theory Clock), a.k.a. the Berlin-Uhr

The Mengenlehreuhr. Wikipedia user LexFraniak, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Mengenlehreuhr was installed on the corner of Kurfürstendamm and Uhlandstraße in Berlin in 1975, where it stayed until being moved to the Europa-Center in 1995. It displays the time by means of coloured squares that, depending on the row, represent one minute, five minutes, one hour, or five hours. The circle on the top of the clock pulses with every odd second.

I would love to see this clock in person someday. I find it fascinating, and I even started building a small replica. Naturally, I never finished it.


Ampelmännchen from Berlin. Public domain.

Pictured above are Berlin's adorable pedestrian crossing signals, called Ampelmännchen, which when translated directly into English means "little traffic light man." What a playful way to tell people when to cross the street!