My Stereo System

Written 2022-06-10

I like to listen to music, so over the course of the past couple of years I've been piecing together a modest hi-fi system made up of second-hand components.

My stereo system as of 2022-06-09

It's still and always will be a work in progress. At the moment all that's missing is a turntable, but right now I haven't got anywhere to put one. Once I have more space and can add a turntable, the system will be complete in terms of the functionality I want, but I'll always be on the lookout for components that I can use to upgrade it.

Putting the system together over such a long period of time has allowed me to do it on a very low budget, without compromising on quality. For all of the components that make up my current stereo system, I've spent roughly $64 in total. I got my circa 1970s Sears speakers for $4 each, my cassette deck and CD changer for $10 each, all at Value Village, my Technics receiver for $20 at an estate sale, and some speaker wire off Amazon for about $16 (and I still have a bunch of that left).


One of my Sears SP-2700 speakers

The system as of 2022-06-10:

Going forward, I'll continue to upgrade the system as I find equipment 'in the wild', but I'm no longer actively searching for stereo equipment since I finally found a receiver on 2022-06-09. Once I have more space, I'll look for a nice turntable, either new or second-hand, and a nice cabinet to put everything in.

Eventually I'd like to have a higher-power system with bigger speakers and a more powerful amp. I'm considering attempting to build a set of speakers - if I do that I'll put pictures of the process and result on this site.