Server Software I Use

Updated January 2024

Here's most of the software I use to keep this operation running, in case you'd like to host your own site or other networked software.

I've heard for a very long time that Nginx is a better HTTP server than Apache, but I've been using Apache since I started this whole server operation in April 2020, haven't yet pushed it to its limit, and know how to configure it, so I don't plan to switch to Nginx anytime soon, if at all.

My domain name is registered with GoDaddy, and I use the GoDaddy API to keep the IP address up to date (since I have a residential internet connection with a dynamic IP). This is achievable with most registrars, but if yours doesn't have an API, it should be simple enough to change your nameservers over to Cloudflare and use their API.

All of my backups are done with simple backup scripts that I wrote myself, which are run every night using cron. Admittedly, there isn't a whole lot to back up!

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